Boarding4Dogs - Doggie Daycare & Cage-free Overnight Dog Boarding
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Boarding4Dogs LLC provides cage-free dog boarding and fun, indoor outdoor dog daycare in a genuine home. We are a family owned business since 2010. Boarding4Dogs is licensed and insured. 

Lynn at Boarding4Dogs, Middleboro MAMy name is Lynn and I am the primary caretaker of your dog. I am a former animal rescue volunteer, long time pet owner and college graduate. My experience as a dog caretaker was originally acquired from years of fostering various dogs of many breeds, sizes and temperaments for formerly one dog rescue that branched off into two great dog rescues. During my pet rescue days, I realized the best way to help the foster dogs adapt to their new life is to provide the dogs with genuine family care in a real home environment. That same care applies today to all dogs in my care. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs and people then your dog will love Boarding4Dogs. 

The outdoor play area is a large country yard, enclosed with a 5 foot tall, heavy gauge, chain link fence. The indoor play area is a large open area of our home which allows plenty of space for our fun-size pack to play and rest.

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